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Class Expectations

When attending my class it's important to me to set clear expectations for what you should expect from me and what I expect from you. This sets the stage for the best training environment so that each athlete can get the most out of each class. You'll notice that the big 4 have nothing to do with your physical abilities, this is because being a better person matters more than being a better athlete.

Be Kind

(Be friendly to your teammates and introduce yourself to someone you don’t know)

Introducing yourself can spark conversations where you can learn more about each other and possibly find common interests. Respect the fact that everyone has their own starting point and everyone will progress at their own speed. Progress, not perfection, is always the goal.

Be Courageous

(Don't be afraid to make a mistake)

Having courage doesn’t mean you never experience fear. It simply means you don’t allow fear to stop you from at least attempting to achieve your goal. Each time you conquer a fear, your confidence grows, giving you the ability to take on bigger and greater challenges.

Be Encouraging

(Help uplift and inspire your teammates)

Teammates have the power to pick you up whenever you’re down. A simple “you got this” does wonders when all you can think about is how hard something is.

Be Accountable

(Follow through on what you say you’re going to do) Take responsibility for your actions when you are at fault, and don’t blame others. Recognize that your actions and attitude contribute to your results.

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