The Ankle Wall

Touch Test

This test will measure the amount of Dorsiflexion in each ankle.

Ankle test Evaluation

For those with stiff ankles follow the program below to help improve your score.

#1 Tissue work of
THE plantar faciae,
Calf (soleus and
#2 Single leg Down
Dog with ROM
2-3 sets of
12 reps each
#3 Heel sit
(in Dorsiflexion)
2-3 sets
of 30 sec
#4 Toe walk
1-2 sets of
50 yds or 150 steps
#5 Heel walk
1-2 sets of
50 yds or 150 steps

Follow this program for 2-3 times a week and retest after 4 weeks to see if your score has improved.

WHy is dorsiflexion vital for elite speed?

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