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Test Your Movement Quality

Movement First, Skills Second

Movement quality must be maximized if your speed or power potential is ever reached. Start with the three test below to determine strengths and weaknesses. 

From my experience speed, power and coordination can all be improved by simply moving better.


Athletes seem to drift from the fundamentals as the season get closer and the pressure to perform at a high level increases. While specialization is a necessity for elite level of performance too much of it can be a bad thing, you will pay a price when you lose sight of the little things and your focus gets too narrow.


That is why I teach movement first and skills second, they only way sports specific skills can be executed at a high level for a long career is when they are built upon a solid foundation of fundamental human movement patterns. Hinge-Squat-Loaded Carry- Push-Pull-Rotate

The Ankle Range of Motion Test
The Squat Depth Test
The Hinge Test
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