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Athlete of the Month January

A new year is here, and with it comes a new athlete of the month. This month goes to one of the friendliest and most dedicated athletes I’ve seen, Kyoni Geiggar. When Ky isn’t devouring chicken and rice or a rack of ribs, he is usually playing a sport or training to get ready for the next match up. He is always willing to give his best regardless of the task. When he trips or stumbles he pops right back up and is ready to give it another go. He knows there is a great big world of possibility and is committed to getting the most out of each training day. This realization is hard to find for someone his age to have the “Mamba Mentality,” but he’s got it. He has his older sister to Ha’ani to look up to while setting a good example for his little sister Katana. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this little silent assassin.

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